Carbon Autonomous

Carbon Autonomous + SmartPlanes.

Carbon Autonomous is pleased to announce a new partnership with SmartPlanes.  Our staff has been flying and certifying pilots on the SmartPlanes Freya for two years.  We recently concluded factory training in the Service and Repair of these fixed-wing airframes.  Moving forward, Carbon Autonomous is pleased to offer the following to SmartPlanes customers in the Americas 

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Repairs/Assembly
  • Spare parts
  • Support
  • Pilot training
  • Flight Services

Unmanned systems designed for what you need.

Carbon Autonomous produces unmanned systems enhanced by seamless data analysis and visualization systems, and is guided by a team of experts with decades of combined experience in related fields.

Our initial product offering, the CA1,  is an ultra-high endurance unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to stay aloft for continuous operation throughout a 12 hour duty day.  No toys, no gimmicks, just a rugged tool designed to get the job done.